A Memorable Visit to the Pend Oreille County Museum

Museums have always fascinated me, as they fulfill my thirst for relics and old stuff, which was being, used by people centuries ago. In order to feed my passion, I decided to visit The Pend Oreille County Museum, located in Newtown Washington. It turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. So I made up my mind to pen down the amazing moments I spent there and give others a reason to visit this marvelous place.

The museum consists of several buildings, which were taken from different locations and reassembled at this place. I was amazed to see three log cabins, which were detached and reconstructed on the museum grounds. These cabins are named as Hunter’s Cabin, the Settler’s Cabin and the Claire HoI Schoolhouse. The replica of a fire lookout has also been constructed by following the blueprints of Forest Service. 

The historic I. & W. N. Depot building serves as the main complex, which was built in 1908. The gift shop and displays are located on the first and second floors. I bought some gifts for my kids; hope they would love them. After that, I entered the adjacent building, named as Stuart B. Bradley Memorial. It was built by utilizing private funds in 1994 and later on dedicated to this museum. There are numerous displays including the library, research department and a military display.

The whole museum is full of relics of the past days. There is a wide range of farm equipment, especially the vintage tractors. This part of the museum is awesome and I liked the way in which the whole place was utilized to display maximum items. This farm equipment belongs to an era when machines were first introduced for the agricultural purpose.

I did enjoy my trip to this rich historic place. Museums play a vital role in gaining acquaintance with our past and things associated with it. So, it is imperative to know some interesting facts about them. Therefore, I have included some information as for how these museums work.

How are Museums Maintained and Operated?

Mostly, people think that all the museums a constructed and maintained through government funding; however, this is not the case. Few of these museums are there for us, as they survive on the donations offered by common masses. The Pend Oreille County Museum for instance, is maintained and operated by the Pend Oreille County Historical Society.

It is a non-profit and privately funded organization, which holds the responsibility of maintaining this museum. There is no admission fee but they accept the donation. You can also offer your contributions via credit card and help Pend Oreille County Historical Society to preserve our history.

How different Today’s Museums are?

Things have changed a lot, as almost ten years ago, there were few museums, which offered free entrance. Besides this, the scientific approach regarding preservation and maintenance of the relics has been the major factor in revolutionizing the museums. People of all ages have developed an interest in history and things associated with it. This is all due to more informative and attractive layout of our museums. If you want to open your museum, you can take advantage of best payday loan affiliate program.