Museum’s Exhibits

Globalization has led to formation of societies and unions that are acting seriously to safeguard the ancient, colonial and societal history. It is a necessity and the Pend Oreille County Historical Society has volunteered to protect one of the major cultural, agriculture, mining and railroad heritage of the world in Newport.

Over the time, the museum has brought over a great lot of exhibitions that have attracted the attention of the public. Most of them were of agriculture or mining origin. You can find funds for your exhibition in the leadsgate company.

Important Exhibitions

    • Crystal Park and other digs: For the sake of the history for the mining and digs, it is important to host digs like these. They tell the new generations the story of the establishment around the place which has led to the capital that makes the establishment stand well and firm.
    • New Material In The Form Of Old Pictures: These are the old things that have been recreated solely for the purpose of historical recreation. They will tell the new generation how the things used to be before we had new and modern tools of mining and agriculture. Though one will not need to use the old tools now but it is really important to have knowledge as knowledge is power.
    • Maps of Pend Oreille Mine: It is really important to know the place where you are born and lived in. The maps of the mines have been made to show the exact location of the outside and inside of the mine. At times, it is not safe or not permitted to enter these mines which have been abandoned due to the weak structure. Thus, maps help to know the place better without actually entering the mine.
  • Alaska Gold Mines: Gold mining is one of the major industries of Alaska, US. This has attracted the miner from all around the world to mine the gold and make money out of it. There have cases of even bloodshed over it. This section uncovers such mysteries
  • Added Material From Discovery Channel’s Filming Of “Edge of Alaska” With Insight Into The Opening Of The “Mother Lode” Mine:  This section of the museum reveals some information about the filming of the documentary of the “Edge of Alaska” by the Discovery Channel. It really intrigues you up. It has also some information of the Mother Lode mine.
  • The Great Northern Railways:  The railways had been a major attraction of this town and it has contributed vastly to the network of the railways that has been connecting the world.

Importance Of This Museum

This is rather a very new museum when compared to all the other museums of the world but it has been contributing to the preservation of the heritage of the society. Let us lend a hand to them by volunteering at the museum or by contributing to their welfare by visiting them. This will really be a memory to cherish.